After a driver rescues a passenger from an abusive boyfriend, he discovers she is a human trafficking victim. But in order to free her, he must give up the thing he loves the most.

FASHION CITY (Romantic Drama Comedy – Pilot for TV Series)

Dreamy Analyst Mei hopes to find true love in New York, or at least a job, lest she be forced back to China and subject to her overbearing mother’s matchmaking. Her friends relationships woes do not exactly inspire her confidence, but the obsessive office intern might just change her mind, or not.


FRAGMENTS (Drama, Screened at the Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival 2000)

When some old high school friends come to visit Lisa (played by Abigail Bianca), it triggers off recurring nightmares and prompts her to seek professional help. When she does so, it leads to a tragic discovery…


NEW REALITY (Sci-Fi Action, Screened at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2000)

A computer genius is the hapless target of a gang of racist bullies. To deal with this he writes a computer program to change reality. When he initiates it by accident, things don’t work out quite as he expects…


FOR HONOUR OR MONEY (Comedy, Screened as part of “Best of the Rest” at Tropfest 2000)

Follow the adventures of two would be filmmakers as they decide whether its more important to make a film for honour or money…


FINAL FIGHT (Martial Arts Comedy)

Mr Black has kidnapped Guy’s girlfriend Jessica. With Cody by his side, Guy goes out for revenge in this martial arts comedy based loosely on the characters from the game Final Fight. This is David’s first short film.



Holiday Wonders was about enticing the audience to a magical experience featuring Chinese culture. This commercial was conceived, directed, shot, and edited by David Chai.


OXO MANDOLINE (Promotional Video featuring Mario Batali)

Making a kitchen utensil look amazing. David was Director, DP and Editor on this video.



David came up with the concept, was Director, DP, and Editor on this spot.


MINISTRY (45 sec Spot)

Filmed at the Sydney Football Stadium. David directed this commercial for dance magazine Ministry.